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Fraud is perhaps the most common white-collar crime. Essentially, fraud is theft of assets through misrepresentation instead of physical force to obtain pecuniary gain. The amount can range from a few dollars to millions of dollars. Sometimes, money changes hands directly, such as claiming a greater amount on an insurance claim. Other times, fraud is more indirect, such as making false claims on tax returns. 

Typically, these allegations completely blindside defendants. The grand juries which investigate fraud matters usually meet in complete secrecy. So, fraud charges often come about unexpectedly as a result of an ongoing investigation you did not know about.

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Types of Fraud Charges

As mentioned, any deception or misrepresentation which nets illegally-obtained benefits or assets can be considered fraudulent. Anyone from an entry-level employee to the company CEO can commit fraud. Frequently, lower-level fraud charges involve sweeping federal criminal investigations. But regardless of the amount allegedly taken or gained, the potential legal consequences are quite serious. So, our Raleigh fraud defense attorneys are committed to fighting for your rights and freedoms. The most common types of fraud charges include:

  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Check fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Tax fraud

The potential fallout includes both direct consequences, as outlined below, and indirect consequences. Fraud is a crime of moral turpitude, so a conviction could adversely affect employment prospects and your credibility as a witness in any future legal proceeding.

State & Federal Fraud Penalties in Wake County

Fraud charges and penalties are based upon the amount the victims allegedly lost. Like other white-collar offenses and property crimes, fraud may be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the value of the property or money involved. Depending on the details of the crime, potential penalties include incarceration, fines, restitution, and community service. So, do not take any fraud charges lightly. Instead, hire a Raleigh criminal defense lawyer from Sandman, Finn & Fitzhugh, Attorneys at Law, to represent you.

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