Insurance Fraud

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Some people do not think it is wrong to file fraudulent or inflated insurance claims. But the law takes a different view. In fact, insurance fraud is an umbrella term which includes activities like filing false claims, inflating legitimate claims, and billing for services not performed.

Property insurance fraud is especially common in North Carolina, due to the floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters which sometimes occur here. Overall, property insurance fraud, health insurance fraud, disability insurance fraud, and other misdeeds cost policyholders millions of dollars a year, in the form of increased insurance premiums. Other types of insurance fraud include:

  • Arson for profit
  • Life insurance fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • False pretense or false statements
  • Automobile repairs
  • Automobile accidents
  • Medical insurance fraud
  • Willful failure to pay group insurance premiums

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Insurance Fraud Penalties

Complex insurance fraud cases often involve both state and federal prosecutions. At Sandman, Finn & Fitzhugh, we protect you in both these forums.

In federal court, prosecutors often file racketeering charges in insurance fraud cases. Maximum racketeering penalties include up to twenty years in prison and a $25,000 fine, as well as forfeiture of any gains remotely related to the alleged fraud. Federal law also gives insurance fraud victims a private right of action in civil court, where there may obtain treble damages. 

The penalties and procedures are much the same in state court. In addition to prison time, fines, and forfeiture, the court may revoke a business license upon conviction.

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