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Fraud is any crime in which deceit or misrepresentation is used for financial gain. Bankruptcy fraud means someone is making false statements on a bankruptcy form with regard to debts, property, income, assets, transfers, and other information relevant to the bankruptcy process. Because it is considered a betrayal of public trust and a misuse of a public assistance program, it carries serious penalties, and because it’s a federal crime, federal investigators will fight tirelessly for a conviction.

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Types of Bankruptcy Fraud

Charges of bankruptcy fraud stem from accusations of:

  • Concealing assets, like failing to disclose property transfers or trying to hide property.
  • Concealing or falsifying information like hiding records or putting false information on bankruptcy paperwork.
  • Using a false identity to file bankruptcy.
  • Embezzling funds from a bribery estate or bribing a trustee.

In order to be found guilty, the prosecution must prove that there was an intent to commit a fraudulent act, instead of simply incorrectly stating income and expenses.

Bankruptcy Fraud Consequences 

A bankruptcy fraud conviction can be punished by up to five years in prison, and that can be five years for each offense. Moreover, bankruptcy fraud victims, such as the creditors in the bankruptcy, have a private right of action in North Carolina.

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