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Fraud is essentially misstating a material fact to obtain a pecuniary gain. Bankruptcy fraud is making false statements on a bankruptcy form with regard to debts, property, income, assets, transfers, and other information relevant to the bankruptcy process.

In the eyes of the law, bankruptcy fraud is essentially a betrayal of public trust and the misuse of a public assistance program. As a result, the possible penalties are quite severe. So, if you face bankruptcy fraud charges, you need the experienced attorneys at Sandman, Finn & Fitzhugh in your corner. We have more than a half-century of combined legal experience, and we will work tirelessly for you.

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Bankruptcy Fraud Consequences 

As mentioned, most of these cases involve misstatements of financial information. Other times, a questionable transaction may cause legal problems. Legally, a fraud presumption applies to all transactions which occur in the months prior to filing. Wake County prosecutors take advantage of this presumption, and they are very aggressive in these situations. Additionally, fraudulent intent alone may be enough for a judge to impose criminal penalties including:

  • Up to five years in prison
  • High fines

Moreover, bankruptcy fraud victims, such as the creditors in the bankruptcy, have a private right of action in North Carolina.

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Many fraud defendants try to talk their way out of trouble, either during discussions with investigators or in an appearance before the grand jury. This approach is always a mistake. Instead, call Sandman Finn & Fitzhugh, Attorneys at Law, at the first sign of trouble. We take swift and decisive action to build a defense and protect both your rights and your future.

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