Defense Attorney in Raleigh for Assault on a Minor

Assault charges are serious no matter what the circumstances, often carrying strict penalties and a criminal record that can negatively affect the future. Even if you are charged with a misdemeanor,the long-term impacts of a conviction are significant. Assault on a minor is considered especially egregious, and, if you are charged with this crime, having a criminal defense attorney in Raleigh who is experienced and dedicated is key to securing a more favorable outcome. 

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Assault Charges When the Victim is a Minor

In North Carolina, if the victim of an assault is under the age of 12, an individual person can be charged with the class A1 misdemeanor of Assault on a Child under 12. The law does not require the defendant to know the age of the child when the assault occurred. A class A1 misdemeanor can be punishable by up to 150 days in jail.  

Understanding Assault in North Carolina

Assault charges in North Carolina are complicated because, while there are several different types, they tend to fall under the same charges. Simple assault, which is a class 2 misdemeanor and can be punished by up to 60 days in jail and a $1,000 fine includes: 

  • Display of force that shows a credible threat of violence, like raising a fist or getting up in someone’s face; 
  • Inflicting a minor or non-life threatening injury in an act of battery; 
  • Public fighting, called an affray;

However, minors under 12 are a protected class, along with women and the disabled, making the charges of assault more severe. 

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In addition to the legal penalties, there is a social stigma attached to charges of assaulting a minor. Having a criminal defense attorney in Raleigh who will advocate on your behalf for a more advantageous outcome while bringing experience and knowledge to your case is key. At Sandman, Finn, & Fitzhugh, our team of attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience, much of which was spent in the Wake County District Attorney’s Office. By working on both sides of the aisle, we have a unique perspective into how prosecutors think and what their goals are, which gives us an advantage when crafting a defense strategy. 

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