Getting Back on the Road After a DWI

Suspended License After a DWI

Thousands of North Carolina drivers have suspended drivers’ licenses, and in many cases, the suspension is DWI related. BAC levels at the time of arrest usually dictate the suspension period’s length.

As for arrest suspension, if the arrestee is older than 21 and has a BAC above .08, the license revocation period is 30 days. If the arrestee refused to provide a chemical sample, a twelve-month Administrative License Revocation suspension follows an immediate 30-day revocation.

Suspension Periods for DWI Convictions

The state may also suspend a drivers’ license following a DWI conviction. Here are the DWI-related suspension periods in North Carolina:

  • First offense – One year suspension
  • Second offense – Two year suspension
  • Third offense – Permanent revocation, if a previous conviction is less than five years old
  • Fourth offense (felony) – Permanent revocation

Getting Your License Back

First offenders are usually eligible for occupational or limited drivers’ licenses on the 11th day of a 30-day suspension. These limited licenses usually allow people to drive to and from work, to and from school, and so on. Similarly, relief may be available for the conviction-related one year suspension.

People with two or more DWI convictions can work with a Raleigh DWI lawyer and request a DWI license restoration hearing, following a minimum three-year waiting period. If NCDMV determines the driver is eligible for relief, the driver can request a hearing before a Wake County judge.

Drivers who face ALR chemical test refusal suspension may request administrative hearings. At this hearing, a Raleigh DWI lawyer can argue that the suspension period should be reduced or eliminated. Defenses include lack of probable cause and improper test administration.

Find Out Where You Stand and Speak to an Attorney

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