What Happens if I Pay My Speeding Ticket?

When You Pay Your Speeding Ticket

People who get speeding tickets have two basic choices: Fight the ticket or accept all legal consequences. Paying the fine outright always means pleading guilty or no contest. Furthermore, if you pay the fine, a Raleigh speeding ticket lawyer has very little chance to plea bargain. This pretrial agreement could mean a reduced charge, fewer points on your license, a lower fine, and no extreme auto insurance rate hike.

Paying the ticket does not make it go away. It is an admission of guilt. Any defenses you may have had, including police officer mistake, fall by the wayside. The NCDMV may punish you in any way it sees fit, even if you were not actually speeding.

The Alternative to Paying Your Ticket

Other defenses may include errors on the ticket. Not all typos cause judges to throw these matters out of court. But if the error was a material one, like listing the wrong make or model vehicle, a Raleigh speeding ticket lawyer might be able to get the charges dismissed or reduced.

It is easy to avoid paying the ticket and exercise your right to a trial. Plead not guilty and ask for a Prayer for Judgement Continued. This pleading gives the court the discretion to not enter a final conviction. Self-representation is possible in these matters. But traffic violations are rather complex. So, it is best to trust a Raleigh speeding ticket lawyer to make the proper arguments for you in court.

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