What to Do If Your Child Is Arrested for a DWI

Many parents fear the day they get that call from the police station. Their child has been arrested and, what’s more, they have been accused of drinking while intoxicated (DWI). If you’ve received such a call, you should be fully prepared to help your child as much as possible through this process.

Receiving the Call

When your child calls you, he or she will probably be at a police station. Don’t ask what happened yet. First and foremost, inform your child he or she shouldn’t speak to any police officer until you and a legal professional are there to help. Without legal representation, your child might not know how to prevent himself or herself from making the situation worse. Before you get the full story, make sure you, your child, and your child’s lawyer are in a confidential area.

Hire an Attorney

Give your child the opportunity to be represented by a skilled and experienced Raleigh DWI lawyer. He or she will understand how the DWI criminal process works and how best to defend someone accused of driving under the influence.

Encourage Your Child to Detail Everything

Once you and your child are alone with an attorney, encourage your kid to tell you and your attorney everything he or she remembers. Every detail is essential because if a police officer didn’t follow protocol during the arrest or during the booking process, your child might be able to avoid a trial altogether. Your child’s lawyer will need to know as much as possible so he or she can begin to build a strong defense.

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