Major Changes in the Expungement Statues-Unlimited Expungements

An expungement is a process by which a person has a prior criminal charge erased from their record. Previously, once a person was charged or convicted of a criminal offense, there was a record of that arrest and or conviction that stayed with the person forever. Under the old expungement statutes there were only limited circumstances in which a person could apply to have a record of their arrest erased or expunged and more importantly a person could only have one expungement per lifetime.

Changes in Expungement Statutes

On July 28th, Governor Roy Cooper signed a law making a wide range of changes to the expungement statute. The new statute now drastically shorts the time frame for expunging a felony conviction from 15 years to 10 years and reduces the time of misdemeanors to 5 years.

Additional changes to the statue now allow for the unlimited expungements of not guilty or dismissed charges as long as the individual does not have a prior felony conviction.

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