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Drug manufacturing is regulated in the state of North Carolina by general statute 90–95(a)(1). According to the law, anyone can be found guilty of drug manufacturing if the district attorney can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the person knowingly manufactured a controlled substance. It can include any method, whether direct or indirect, of producing, preparing, packaging, labeling, or processing a controlled substance. Unlike many other drug charges, this offense doesn’t rely on an amount of a controlled substance to determine penalties. The law punishes any processes done to controlled substances of any kind and any weight.

If you’re facing a drug manufacturing charge, you could be looking at many years in jail. Let us see what we can do to help. Our skilled Raleigh drug offense attorneys place our client’s wellbeing as our top priority, so we will do our best to advocate for your rights. Our former prosecutors understand how the opposition thinks. Let us see how we can help.

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Drug manufacturing is a felony drug offense. If you are found guilty of manufacturing a Schedule I or II drugs, you will be convicted of a Class H felony. Punishments for a Class H felony include 39 months in jail. However, manufacturing methamphetamine (Schedule II) is a Class C felony and can lead to 231 months in jail. Schedule III, IV, V, or VI drugs will result in a Class I felony, which can result in 24 months in jail. However, if it can be proven these drugs were being manipulated for personal use, rather than distribution or sale, the penalty will be significantly smaller.

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If you’re facing a drug manufacturing charge, you could lose years of your life to jail if you’re found guilty. Give yourself the best chance of keeping your rights and your freedom by talking to a skilled Raleigh criminal defense attorney about your case as soon as possible. We can take a look at your circumstances and offer recommendations for your best course of action based on our years of legal experience and advocacy. The lawyers at Sandman, Finn & Fitzhugh are former prosecutors and assistant district attorneys in Wake County, so we have a unique perspective into how cases work from the other side of the courtroom. Let us see what we can do for you.

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