Can Felons Vote in North Carolina?



  1. Can Felons Vote in North Carolina?

    The right to vote is one of the most important rights in America. Voting is one of the best ways to express your opinion, contribute to our government, and hold elected officials accountable for their actions or inactions. Our votes affect our lives in many ways, on important local and national issues from housing and education to immigration and health care. The 2018 midterms have come and gone, so the 2020 Presidential election is up next.

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  2. Major Changes in the Expungement Statues-Unlimited Expungements

    An expungement is a process by which a person has a prior criminal charge erased from their record. Previously, once a person was charged or convicted of a criminal offense, there was a record of that arrest and or conviction that stayed with the person forever. Under the old expungement statutes there were only limited circumstances in which a person could apply to have a record of their arrest erased or expunged and more importantly a person could only have one expungement per lifetime.

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