Wake County’s New Digital Case Management Software System

Going to court for any reason–whether it is a misdemeanor, traffic violation, or a crime–is a stressful situation. You may be on edge about what the outcome may be and you want things to be as smooth as possible. For the court system to operate more efficiently, Wake County has invested in a new software system that allows the general public to access court files and submit payment. “Odyssey” is the ICMS and it’s integrated with law enforcement and other state agencies. Odyssey was rolled out in Wake County as of 2/13/2023.

Our experienced Raleigh criminal lawyers at Sandman, Finn, and Fitzhugh know how to work within the N.C. courts system. In this article, we want to shed some light on the new software system that was launched to streamline the processes in the N.C. courts.

What applications are included in eCourts?

eCourts is a package of new software applications and technology infrastructure improvements that will fully transition our court system from paper to digital.

These are the major components in the eCourts applications:

  • eFiling – eFiling is a web-based platform for electronic document filing.
  • Odyssey –  Odyssey is a digital integrated case management system (ICMS).
  • Portal – The portal is a public website that provides access for viewing records and submitting payments.
  • Guide & File – Guide and File assists users in creating basic legal documents.
  • File & Serve – File and Serve assists users in filing and serving legal documents.
  • Attorney Manager (DA) – Attorney Manager (DA) is the case management platform for District Attorneys.
  • Attorney Manager (PD) – Attorney Manager (PD) is the case management platform for Public Defenders.
  • eDiscovery – eDiscovery is the platform that enables District Attorneys to share digital evidence.
  • eWarrants – eWarrants is an electronic warrant repository.
  • Brazos – Brazos is an electronic platform for citations.
  • CRAVE – CRAVE provides courtroom audio visual enhancements.
  • Financial Manager – Financial Manager is a system for the Clerks of Court to handle all financial aspects of court.
  • eCourtNet – eCourtNet is the infrastructure and security upgrades.

Which applications are launching currently?

Most users will use eFiling, Portal, and Odyssey, all of which will be phased in over a two-year period.


The eFiling application, also known as File & Serve, provides a way to file documents electronically through a single, secure, centralized online location. Additionally, you can:

  • Submit court documents online to the clerk’s office
  • Pay filing fees that are calculated automatically for you when you submit filings
  • Get a file-stamped copy when the clerk accepts the filing
  • Receive filing status updates through email


The portal is the gateway through which the general public and registered users can access court information in order to:

  • Perform searches by party name, record number, citation number, attorney bar number, attorney name, etc.
  • Search for court dates and hearings by case number, party name, business name, attorney name, attorney bar number, judicial officer, or courtroom
  • View case information, records, and documents
  • Make instant online credit card transactions to pay fines and fees


Odyssey provides the upgrade from over 40 applications to an integrated case management system.

Which applications launched earlier?

Brazos (eCitation Replacement) 

Brazos, which went live April 30, 2021, is a new eCitation system that helps law enforcement officers and court staff improve processing citations.

CRAVE (Courtroom Audio Visual Experience)

The Judicial Branch launched CRAVE to improve the capability of safely and securely holding remote court proceedings. It includes cameras, microphones, and monitors.

eCourtNet – Infrastructure Improvement Project

eCourtNet was piloted in counties during the fourth quarter of 2020 and during 2021. This was the foundation for the new Integrated Case Management System (ICMS), including:

  • Court facility ICMS infrastructure
  • Court facility wireless expansion
  • Courtroom audio/visual enhancements
  • Electronic faxing
  • Identity & access management
  • Network infrastructure upgrades
  • Security expansion

eWarrants & Odyssey for Magistrates (NCAWARE Replacement)

This is a replacement of the former electronic warrant system, North Carolina Statewide Warrant Repository (NCAWARE). It maintains detailed information about criminal processes, such as warrants, magistrate orders, citations that lead to an arrest, criminal summonses, orders for arrest, release orders, and appearance bonds. eWarrants went live on July 22, 2022.

Guide & File

Guide and File launched statewide in August 2020. It is a free online service that helps self-represented litigants and attorneys to prepare court documents online to file for certain case types. 

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