Should I Tell My Boss About My DWI Charge?

A first-time DWI arrest can be an overwhelming experience, to say the least. You may have a lot of questions related to the legal process and how a DWI charge will affect your life.

In fact, you may be wondering if you must tell your boss about the arrest. The answer depends on several circumstances.

In most cases, workers do not have to tell their employers about an arrest. A charge is not the same as a conviction. So, as long as you are not convicted, your boss doesn’t have to know.

However, you need to disclose your DWI if any of the following situations apply:

  • Your job is to drive – Whether you possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or operate a company-affiliated vehicle, a DWI may affect your ability to perform your work duties. Furthermore, your boss may be civilly liable for any injuries you cause in a car accident since he/she either knew or should have known about your drunk driving charge.
  • Your employment contract requires you to inform your employer – If your contract doesn’t say you need to inform your boss about your DWI, then you are not required to do so. By contrast, if it does, failure to disclose your arrest is considered a breach of contract, which can result in penalties or getting fired.
  • You have a professional license – From doctors and nurses to realtors and electricians, they are required to obtain a professional license to work. These individuals must disclose all arrests and convictions to the respective licensing agency.
  • Your boss asks about the arrest – If your employer specifically asks you if you were recently arrested for a DWI, it may be in your best interest to tell the truth. Lying will only have a negative impact on your job security. Be open about the mistake you made and ask your boss to judge you based on your work history, rather than a one-time incident.

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