What to Expect in a Wake County DWI

Getting arrested for DWI is often an emotionally overwhelming experience, particularly for first-time offenders. Almost no one intends to drive under the influence of alcohol, so DWI is almost always a mistake. Many times, our mistakes have consequences, but if you make the right decisions, a Raleigh DWI attorney may be able to reduce or eliminate some or all of these consequences. In general, people who understand the DWI process usually make better decisions, because they have more information.

What Comes After a DWI

Every case is different, but most DWIs have the same basic process and may lead to the same results, as follows:

  • Arrest – If you fail a field sobriety test, and these tests are very subjective, officers will arrest you. The same thing will happen if you submit to a chemical test. Even if your BAC is below .08, you can still be arrested and these charges may hold up in court. These cases are just easier for Raleigh DWI lawyers to defend.
  • Court Hearing – The arraignment follows the arrest. During this appearance, you may enter a plea. Also, if you are still in jail, the judge may reconsider the bail amount, at the request of a Raleigh DWI lawyer.
  • Drivers’ License Suspension – Almost all arrests involve automatic drivers’ license suspension. It does not matter if your BAC level was above the limit or you refused to submit a sample. A restricted license may be available, in some cases.
  • Fines – The fines, court costs, administrative fees, and other associated DWI legal expenses may be several hundred dollars.
  • Jail Time – Most people do not go to jail for a first DWI offense. However, the maximum sentence is sixty days in jail.
  • Probation – Instead, most people receive probation, even for a subsequent DWI. This probation means extensive court supervision and many conditions, including possible substance abuse treatment.

Speak to an Experienced DWI Attorney

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