Why a Former Prosecutor Should Handle Your Criminal Case

If you face criminal charges in Wake County, whether they are felony or misdemeanor charges, you definitely need an experienced Raleigh criminal defense attorney. Experience and a good track record are both important, and you should also think about the advantages of partnering with a former prosecutor. Prosecutors review the facts of a case, file charges against a person accused of a criminal offense, and try the case in front of a jury or judge.

Why Choose a Former Prosecutor?

The “former prosecutor” designation is more than just a label. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a former prosecutor on your side:

  • Insight Into Both Sides of the Courtroom – All former prosecutors have a comprehensive understanding of the entire trial process. They understand how current prosecutors collected related evidence, determined the charges to bring, and built their case to go to trial. So, this Raleigh criminal defense attorney can expose the weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument and thus strengthen your defense.
  • Extensive Courtroom Litigation Experience – Most people do not know that many lawyers rarely or never set foot inside a courtroom. That’s true even for many attorneys who specialize in litigation, because most cases are settled out of court without a trial. But an experienced prosecutor may try dozens of cases a month. So, a former prosecutor is better prepared to protect your rights and future if your case reaches trial.
  • Strong Bonds with Local Judges and Courts – Each judge tends to rule a certain way on specific issues. Since former prosecutors have tried numerous cases in local court, they are familiar with preferences of a particular judge, and how that judge has often ruled in previous cases. That knowledge helps them determine whether you should accept a plea deal or go to trial. Additionally, former prosecutors—especially successful ones—often have the respect of their peers, which could mean more favorable outcomes for their clients.

If one former prosecutor can make that much of a difference, imagine what a close-knit team of three former District Attorneys can mean to you and your family.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

The lawyers at Sandman, Finn & Fitzhugh, Attorneys at Law have been lauded by their peers in the legal community. Due to their more than five decades of collective experience, our Raleigh criminal defense attorneys possess the extensive knowledge of North Carolina law to guide you through the complex Wake County criminal justice system as they uphold your rights and freedoms.

Although every case is different, we use roughly the same process. Our professional team investigates your case, analyzes the state’s evidence, partners with expert witnesses when necessary, and builds an effective defense strategy just for you. We know how the state will approach your case, so you have a clear advantage in the courtroom.

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