Avoid These Common DWI Arrest Mistakes

DWI Arrest Mistakes

In most cases, especially for first-time offenders, a DWI arrest is an overwhelming situation. The resulting stress, fear, and anger often cloud judgment, which may cause some common mistakes. A serious mistake early in the process may have significant ramifications and handicap your Raleigh DWI lawyer. That could mean significant jail time, high fines, and lengthy license suspension. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid after a DWI arrest:

  • Assuming They Are Guilty – Many people assume that if police arrest them, they are probably guilty. Similarly, many people assume if they fail field sobriety tests or a chemical test, they are even more guilty. But these things are not true. There are a wide variety of procedural and substantive defenses.
  • Not Taking the Matter Seriously – Some people have the opposite problem. They assume that since DWI is a misdemeanor, the consequences are not very serious. Nothing could be further from the truth. DWI has a number of direct and indirect consequences, and without assistance from an aggressive Raleigh DWI lawyer, these consequences could haunt you for the rest of your life.
  • Driving while License Suspended – Many people ignore drivers’ license suspension and keep driving. That’s always a very bad idea. It is only a matter of time before you roll through a stop sign or commit another minor infraction, and then you are in real trouble.
  • Missing Important Dates – Time is of the essence following an arrest. If you hesitate to take legal action, you could face extended drivers’ license suspension or forfeit the chance to use evidence that can disprove the prosecutor’s case.
  • Not Remembering Key Constitutional Rights – The Fifth Amendment gives people the right to remain silent. Exercise this right. Some people think they can talk their way out of a DWI. But that’s impossible to do, and any statements you make usually just make the hole deeper.
  • Not Hiring the Right Lawyer – The Sixth Amendment gives DWI defendants the right to a Raleigh DWI lawyer. Not just any lawyer will do. Most public defenders are well-qualified attorneys, but they are often overworked as well. The cheapest Raleigh criminal defense lawyer is probably a bad way to go as well. Your future is at stake, and that’s not something that should go to the lowest bidder. Instead, you need an attorney who focuses on DWI and criminal matters and who actively represents people in these situations.

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